We can only vouch 3 persons: protqt#4017, xdev#5005 and yoanna#0993. Purchasing hakk licenses from anyone else is at your own risk.

1. Usage caution

Hakk is undetected, but nothing is undetectable, even most expensive private hacks with limited user slots. When you choose to cheat you should be ready to bans. For now we've got 2 detections since release, huge list of popular hacks was detected at same time. And any time you can get also automatically banned for big amount of reports.

2. Limitations

Countdown starts after activating key in loader, not right after purchase.
One license key limited for single PC by HWID. You can request one free HWID reset per month, next will cost 5 USD. Message staff in discord or telegram to request HWID reset if you need it.

3. Reselling own keys

If you don't want to use Hakk anymore - you can share your license to someone.
Reselling of your own keys or commercial reselling is disallowed in our discord servers. You can do that if you have less than 30 days on your license left, or if you have more and still want to do that - we can transfer license and reduce left days to 30. License transfer unable for lifetime subscription. Also, you will need to reset HWID. Rules for HWID reset in previous paragraph.

IMPORTANT! License transfer available only for keys that were purchased with buyers Discord ID mentioned and only for keys purchased for the full price (without discounts) directly on the website or through our Staff.

4. Becoming a reseller

If you want to become a reseller message protqt#4017 in discord.

If you are new to this business and don't have any clients yet - the first license will be sold for the full price. If you already have the client base - you should proof it and after this you can get coupon without purchasing cheat for full price.

5. Chatting

Rules for Discord server and Telegram chat:
- Selling or advertising of other hacks is not allowed;
- Selling or advertising of accounts is not allowed;
- Selling or advertising of boost is not allowed;
- Using characters like !, `, ~ etc to be at the top of the userlist is not allowed;
- Reselling of your own keys or commercial reselling is disallowed;
- Links for products or publishing the name of an obscure product may be perceived as advertising;
- If you want become a partner to advertise or sell in chat - message staff;
- Spam in DMs is not allowed;
- Mentioning @everyone or @here is not allowed;
- Mentioning multiple amount of users (@user1 @user2 @user3) without valid reason is not allowed;

6. Terms of Service

Detailed and specific. Everything is here

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